In this modern world, a website is very essential to business. It is your visual store that customers can visit easily from anywhere in the world.

When you enter any shopping stores, the interior or the design of the stores (even just the scent) can create a certain vibe or experience. These experiences are related to brand experience — how customers feel about the brand. It is without a doubt that great design and branding heavily affect your customer’s perception of your brand. It can convey to your customers what kind of brand you are —like the decorations could convey that you are a luxury premium brand that targets women or a fun eco-friendly brand for everyone.

Similar to physical stores, website or visual store need to have a great design consistent in telling stories about your brand. It is just like building another store to showcase your brand — but with a much much lower price. (Isn’t that awesome?)


Why you need a website with great design? and What is great design?


Great design can speak effectively to your customers than any writing. With an eye-catching and stunning design, a business can attract more customers, which could lead to more revenue!

Great design is not only about beautiful visual, but also about easy usage for customers. A good design website should be easy for customers to navigate and read all the important information, which should be presented neatly and clearly. The website should include all the information that customers need to know like—what the company does or what it offers.

What is your website telling your customers? — or what kind of message do you want to reflect on your design?



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